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Bridget Ryan is from Davis, IL and received her B.A. in Dance and International Studies from Denison University in 2019. She has performed works by national and international artists, such as Molly Shanahan, Sandra Mathern-Smith, Michael J. Morris, Momar Ndiaye, Umeshi Rajeendra, Coco Loupe, and Julie Fox. To help guide her practice, Bridget has attended various festivals and intensives, such as the American Dance Festival, New Dialect’s Winter Countertechnique Intensive, the Dance Exchange Winter Intensive, and the Bates/Gibney Dance Winter Intensive. From January to April 2020, Bridget was based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where she taught contemporary dance at the University of Visual and Performing Arts, Mesh Academy of Dance, and several other local schools and studios. Bridget has presented work at the Detroit Dance City Festival's Choreographers Showcase and Rooted Residency in Boulder, CO. Bridget is currently based in Boulder, Colorado and dances as a freelance artist and with Wild Heart Dance Company.

About the Work


My current work and research interests exist at the intersection of contemporary dance, improvisation, and a somatic curiosity. Through interrogation, deconstruction, and re-imagination of my known realities, I find space for more possibilities. I am curious about challenging what feels true to me if it allows more liveability for others. I seek to address existing social structures that inherently divide or categorize. I make dances about what it means to exist in a human body at this time in the world. My dances explore practices of body decolonization, love, reflection, and healing. I am continuously inspired by books and through writing. I engage with discomfort, body compassion, and the intimate time-based relationship between audience and performer. I hope to co-create spaces for courageous exploration and dialogue between individual and collective bodies.

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