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Movement Offerings for Returning Home

Yoga, dance, and wellness offerings thoughtfully crafted to support you in your healing journey and to ignite more embodiment, care, alignment, and pleasure in (y)our body.

Trauma-Sensitive RYT-200  |  Dancer  

I craft offerings in yoga, dance, and wellness to support you in deepening mindfulness, returning home to your body, stepping into your power, and navigating your unique healing journey. I am passionate about and interweave tools for igniting more embodiment, care, alignment and pleasure in your individual body and our collective human body.


Stemming from my background in dance, yoga, and other movement practices, I believe that the body is a deep source of wisdom, avenue for integration and healing, and framework for healthy, meaningful living. While my offerings combine a range of non-physical methodologies, such as meditation and journaling, we always come back to the body, as the foundation for our well-being.

The body you inhabit is home during this lifetime.

It's time to undo corporeal internalizations.

It's time to welcome expansion and liberation into body.

It's time to invite more embodiment and sensuality.

It's time to return home.

Free Heart Opening Yoga Flow

The heart is one of my favorite spaces from which to move. Here is a practice dedicated to that, free for you. 

This is a 60-min. trauma-sensitive, heart opening asana flow. Moving with the breath to connect with our heart center, this practice offers the chance to gain a more expansive sense of self.

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