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Rent a Class

Join me on your own time for a variety of sequences and styles!

Please read the class description prior to renting the class for a deeper understanding of what to expect.



What to expect: 

These classes are unedited and therefore provide a glimpse of what you can expect in a live, in-person class. The audio and video quality may vary a bit from class to class, and there may be unintended background noises. I am showing up as the real me in my real life to offer these virtual classes.


Price and payment:

The standard rate for my drop-in classes is $10. However, all of my rental classes are available with a sliding scale payment. This is an invitation to pay the amount that best supports you, knowing that this might vary from week to week.

If you are able and willing to pay the standard drop in fee, this supports another individual who is currently unable to pay the full amount.

I aim to make my classes financially accessible to everyone, while still honoring my time, education, and worth. If you have additional financial concerns or would like to offer a good/service exchange in lieu of a monetary payment, please reach out to via email me at I am more than willing to find a solution that works for you.

Rental agreement:

All classes are available for 48 hours from the time of rental.

You may do the class as many times as you would like in that 48 hours.

You can rent each class as often as you would like.

Classes are not available for permanent purchase.

What you'll need:

You! Your body, your breath.

A yoga mat and a clear space is also helpful. If you have yoga blocks, a yoga strap, and/or a yoga bolster, feel free to incorporate them.

Alternative props list: If you don't have traditional yoga props and would like to incorporate them, no worries! Some great alternatives are listed below:

- yoga block: books, Tupperware, or a water bottle, 

- yoga strap: a scarf, belt, long sleeve shirt, or a thin towel

- yoga bolster: rolled up blanket or pillows

*All Evening Wind-Down Yoga classes use props, and I do my best to offer modifications throughout each practice. Props specific to each class will be listed in the class description.


All of these classes are recored without music. If you enjoy music with your practice, feel free to visit my Spotify for some pre-made playlists. Username: bridgetryan33

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